"Now this is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down..."

My name is Sander and I'm 32 years old. Since April 2018 I'm working as a Front End Developer. Before that I was a police officer in the centre of Rotterdam. As a result I have learned under unique circumstances what teamwork, dedication and responsibility is.


But why?

During my career as an police officer I've always remained active by doing small edits at existing Wordpress sites. After all the excitement and sensation, my wife and I decided to look for more peace and rest. Because of this I started to professionalize my knowledge and experience within web development. After a while I 'landed' my first job as a Front End Developer.

So... what are you doing now?

During my current job I've run various projects. I turn sketch or XD designs into styleguides, creating company landing pages, developing custom Wordpress themes, email-templates. But I also created custom solutions such as a customer portal within Dynamics 365.

I work with HTML5, (S) CSS3, PHP and JavaScript (ES6).
A few more languages that I work or have worked with are: Docker, Bootstrap4 (and 3), VueJS / NuxtJS, Gridsome, jQuery, Git, Gulp, twig and Wordpress.